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Face Sculpture For You


(1) Photos must be clear.

(2) If you want whole head sculpture or bust sculpture, please provide front and profile photos.

(3) Please send your photos to shijiahuan@yahoo.com before you make the order.

(4) It takes 2-4 weeks to deliver the sculpture. For large size bust sculpture, it needs 1-2 months.

Sculpture For You
Single Sculpture
Single Sculpture (No. 1001)
Your location:
Whole Head Sculpture
Whole Head Sculpture (No. 1002)
Your location:
Bust Sculpture
Bust Sculpture (No. 1003)
Your location:
Single Copper-like Sculpture
Single Copper-like Sculpture (No. 1004)
Your location:
Two-Face on Round Bracket
Two-Face on Round Bracket (No. 1005)
$220 (Two-Face Copper-like on Round Bracket $300)
Your location:
Cartoon Bust Sculpture
Cartoon Bust Sculpture (No. 1006)
Your location:
Large Size Bust Sculpture
Large Size Bust Sculpture (No. 1007)
Your location:
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